This 50 foot Winch Line is made from 12-Strand Amsteel Blue, a Twelve-Strand single Braid that is made from the world’s strongest fiber, Dyneema® SK75  Amsteel™ Blue Winch Line is coated with Polyurethane for color and UV protection.  Amsteel™ Blue does not mildew and it floats on water.  Amsteel™ Blue Synthetic Winch Line w/ Stainless Steel Thimble comes with a heavy duty stainless steel thimble which protects the eye from damage.

Advantages Amsteel™ Blue Synthetic Winch Line has over steel wire cable

  • Stronger than wire
  • Same elongation as wire
  • Extremely light
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Non-rotational
  • Class 2 12-Strand splice
  • Stronger than AmSteel™
  • Much stronger than steel
  • Very low stretch
  • Easily spliced
  • Superior flex
  • Torque free
  • Uses Dyneema® SK-75 HMPE fiber
  • A size for size strength replacement for wire rope at only 1/7th the weight
  • Torque-free, very flexible, easy to handle
  • Floats
  • Fatigue and wear resistant
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