1/2″ Cajun Pull Line


This Unmarked Pull Tape is made from 100% new polyester and has a break strength of 1,250 lb. Has hundreds of uses! You can tie things up, tie things downs, hang things whatever you need, this webbing will work for you!

1/2″ Cajun Pull Line 1,250 Tensile Strength

Available in: White, Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Turquoise

1. Pulling wires: Cajun Pull Line is often used as a pulling tape for electrical wiring. Its high strength and low stretch make it an ideal tool for pulling heavy cables through conduits or walls.
2. Cajun Pull Line can be used for pulling heavy loads, such as in construction or industrial applications it is ideal for tasks that require a strong and reliable rope.
3. Flagging: Cajun Pull Line comes in a variety of colors, which makes it useful for marking or flagging areas that need attention or special consideration.
4. Tie-downs: Cajun Pull Line can be used as a tie-down or securing strap in a variety of applications. Its high strength and low stretch make it ideal for securing loads or tying down things.
5. Camping and outdoor activities: Cajun Pull Line is often used by campers and hikers as a lightweight and durable cord for securing gear, setting up tarps, or creating makeshift clotheslines or building shelters.
6. Fishing: Cajun Pull Line is a popular choice for Magnet fishing line due to its high strength and low stretch.
7. Tree trimming: Cajun Pull Line is often used by arborists and tree trimmers to secure branches or to lower limbs safely to the ground.
8. DIY projects: Cajun Pull Line can be used in a variety of DIY projects, from creating handles on tools or furniture to reinforcing seams in clothing or other fabrics, constructing hammocks or swings, or making horse halters.

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